Prof. Marcin Piatkowski 

Senior Economist at the World Bank and Associate Professor at Kozminski University in Warsaw 

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  • „A must read for anybody who wants to understand the process of economic reform”
    Daron Acemoglu
  • „A pleasure to read”
    Olivier Blanchard
  • „Piatkowski has written a deeply hopeful book that shows the way forward”
    Dani Rodrik
  • “A tour de force on socio-economic changes in Poland”
    Grzegorz W. Kolodko
  • “The book provides both inspiration and useful lessons”
    Justin Yifu Lin
  • “This brilliant and original book answers the key questions”
    Branko Milanovic
  • “A great guide for any reformer”
    Sergei Guriev
  • “Lucid and stimulating account of Poland's transformation”
    Tony Barber, Financial Times
  • “Essential reading for economists and economic policy-makers"
    Dale Jorgenson
  • “A deep, surprising and cleverly written book”
    Tim Harford, Financial Times
  • “The most thorough analysis so far of Poland’s economic success”
    Gerard Roland


Marcin Piatkowski Senior Economist at the World Bank

I am a Senior Economist at the World Bank, now based in Beijing, where I work with the government of China and Mongolia to improve the business environment, promote innovation and support green development. I am also an Associate Professor at Kozminski University in Warsaw, the highest ranked business school in Central and Eastern Europe. I was a Visiting Scholar at Harvard University’s Center for European Studies, where I wrote my book on “Europe’s Growth Champion: Insights from the Economic Rise of Poland”, Oxford University Press 2018. The Book Authority included the book among the “Best New Economic Development Books to Read in 2019”. Financial Times reviewed it. The book has been endorsed by Daron Acemoglu, Olivier Blanchard, Dani Rodrik, Justin Yifu Lin, Branko Milanovic, Grzegorz W. Kolodko and others.
Before moving to Beijing, I led World Bank projects in the Philippines, Poland, Ukraine and Latvia. Prior to joining the Bank in 2008, I was Chief Economist and Managing Director of PKO BP, the largest bank in Poland, economist in the European Department of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and Advisor to IMF's Executive Director. I also served as Advisor to Poland's Deputy Premier and Minister of Finance. At the start of my career, I worked in Corporate Banking in Citibank Poland and Citigroup USA.

I hold a Ph.D. and habilitation in Economics from Kozminski University and M.A. in Finance and Banking summa cum laude from the Warsaw School of Economics. I was a visiting scholar at Harvard University, London Business School and the OECD Development Centre.
I founded the “Save on Travel to Help the Poor” initiative, which encourages international firms and institutions to switch air travel from business to economy class and use the savings to fight poverty. 

In my free time, I enjoy running marathons, participating in triathlons, playing (European) football, reading on global history and dancing. 
I tweet at @mmpiatkowski

Senior Economist at the World Bank

author of „Europe’s Growth Champion”

Oxford University Press

Professor at Kozminski University 
in Warsaw

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Prof. Marcin Piatkowski 

Senior Economist at the World Bank and Associate Professor at Kozminski University in Warsaw 

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BUY „Europe’s Growth Champion”

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